I was first bitten by the travel bug in 2009 when I lived and studied abroad in Ireland. Before that time I never owned a passport, never stayed in a hostel, and never fully explored life on my own.

Arriving at Dublin Airport off a redeye flight from Boston, I was terrified. But 5 months living in Dublin and exploring Ireland & Europe awakened a passion in me that I didn’t know was there.

Fast forward to 2010, I fresh out of college with a degree in Graphic Design and Public Relations, and have moved from Ohio to New Hampshire to find a job in my home area.

I was fortunate enough to land a job for an online company as an admin assistant, which gave me some time to try and find a job in my field during a time where that was a battle. Oh, if generic rejection emails telling me that I needed so many years of experience paid, I would be able to plan an amazing trip around the world. 

Weeks turned to months, I was still working my online job, and after the umpteenth rejection email I decided that I wasn't going to find a job in a small NH town; I would need to move to a city (something I was not looking forward to as my soul likes its space).
But, my heart’s adventurous nature took hold and decided to use this as an opportunity to explore someplace new.

After some pro’s & con’s lists, I ended up looking at southern California. 

I flew out to California to spend some time and shop for apartments. I found a studio apartment, notified my current landlord that I would be moving and I was going full steam ahead on moving to California.

I had moved everything out of my apartment and to my mom's; I had the lease filled out on the studio apartment; I was standing at the fax machine - and I had a complete panic attack.

A panic attack or moment of clarity, I won’t know, but I realized that I didn’t want to move to a city and get locked into another apartment lease.
I wanted to explore.
And that night, instead of faxing my lease to California, I booked a flight to Australia.

I was solo.
I was leaving for Australia in 3 weeks.
I had my laptop and an online job.
I told myself that I would give myself 3 months traveling and then I would be ready to move across the country …


and this is my story

I have now traveled solo for over 7 years, visited over 25 countries, worked from my laptop wherever the wifi is strong, and never made it to California.

What is a "Weekend Bohemian"?

What do you picture when someone says ‘Bohemian.’ Beyond picturing the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody, I picture a free spirit. The girl who lives by her own rules, dances barefoot around the kitchen, and just goes with the flow.

However, let's be real for a moment - as much as I would love to be a free spirit all the time, just going with the flow and knowing it will all work out, we all can’t be that. And not everyone should be.

A Weekend Bohemian lives the 40+ hour work week. They enjoy their banter with a local barista and they work hard AF for their time off. And when the weekends come: that is the time when their free spirits soar. And they can embrace their weekends for all opportunities to explore.

What can I expect from this site?

The goal of A Weekend Bohemian is to inspire you to embrace your free time and explore the world. I have found that there is so much to be seen and that there is no wrong way to experience it.
I am just here to adventure, and I want to help you do the same!

We are weekend enthusiasts - you will find lots of weekend travel guides.
However, adventures comes in all sorts of forms - from camping & road trips to luxury getaways; from weekend getaways or overnight staycations to 14 day tours in Europe; from day trips to the perfect city brunch with friends.

I want to help you to figure out what works for you and your lifestyle -
no matter your age, size, or style.

How can you afford to travel so much?

I am extremely fortunate to be able to work for an online company.

I have worked there for over 10 years and over that time I have shown that I am able to work anywhere I have wifi. Because of that, my company doesn’t mind if I travel and work (as long as the work is done and I make myself available for any meetings in EST).

I still work 40 hours a week when I am traveling unless I am using PTO.

What camera do you use?

I currently use a Canon 80D to take most of my photos.

I use a Sony ZV-1 or my iPhone 11 ProMax to take most of my videos. 

Do you really travel solo?

Yes, the majority of my travels are solo.

That said, I am not one to pass up on travel if someone asks.
I also travel a lot with my mum.
But, the majority of my travels are solo.

As far as safety as a solo female traveler: I will do my research on the destination before I go there and I follow my instincts. There are some places I may not feel comfortable traveling solo and for those places, I may look into a travel company for group travels. I would still be solo … but with a group of others who are also solo.